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The"wedding video package"

Unlike photographers who offer start and stop times along with several types of packages, I specialize in a "niche" that fits my creative style. I enjoy filming weddings in a way that tells a story from the beginning till the end. I believe each couple has a unique story to tell. I enjoy capturing that story for them to keep and share with family and friends for generations. So, that being said, I only offer one wedding video package - My package is what most videographers call their "Deluxe Package". But for me. I believe every newlywed couple deserves a deluxe package on their wedding day. And I also believe it should be affordable because weddings cost a fortune these days. And I'm not the type of person that believes you should pay more just because you are getting married. I do what I love, and love what I do. Contact me so we can work within your budget. 

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"So, what exactly is a "highlight video?" 

Although every wedding is different, and every couple is uniquely different,
you can get a really good idea by reviewing  My Portfolio - Click Here. 



Tommy Guns Studios takes pride in producing the highest quality cinematic style wedding films possible. We strive to capture every special moment of the day. We are committed to capturing the unique story of every couple to ensure that each film is uniquely tailored to their personality and stylistic preferences. We are committed to excellence and our clients.



Need More Info?

More detailed information is listed in our contract. You can review everything before paying, or agreeing to anything. 
No Pressure Here.
I'm here to help.
Please feel free to call
or text me any ti
Tommy 570-687-1139


When & Where?

On your wedding day,
We arrive early to 
capture makeup, hair, and everyone (Bride & Groom) getting all dressed up. We will stay with you the entire day and all night, until the very last dance or send-off.


Why & How?

In order to capture clear audio and video, we use several microphones and several types of lighting. The groom will wear a small mic in his pocket to capture the vows, the officiant to capture the ceremony, and we connect with the DJ to capture speaches. 

Fequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you require a deposit and how much? 

A: In order to retain my services as your wedding videographer and to secure your event date,
a 25% down-payment is required. Payment 
information will be included on your invoice (via email) once you have decided that I am the perfect wedding videographer for you.  Refund Policy

Q: Do you provide a contract, invoice and receipts? 

A: Always! And first off, let me just say… YUCK! Nobody likes reading legal terms and contract jargon. Especially me! Secondly, I am NOT a lawyer. I’m a singer, songwriter, musician, photographer, graphic designer, and videographer. But I did write a contract all by myself and I can assure you… my contract is not just to protect me, it’s to protect the both of us.  This contract is for us to have some peace of mind – and so we can work together in harmony. I always provide the invoice that you see above, along with a receipt for your down payment, and a receipt for your final payment. 

Q: What is your turnaround time for delivering my final video?

A: Normally 2-4 weeks and occasionally (rarely) during the busy Fall season it can be up to 6 weeks.

Q: Can I choose my own music?

A: We much prefer to use our own music that is licensed to Tommy Guns Studios and we strongly advise against using popular music that is copywritten.  Using music without permission from the artist or label can cause complications and/or legal consequences. Using our music allows you the long-term comfort and freedom to share your video online without the concern of copyright issues.

Q: How do you ensure the final product will meet my expectations?

A: If after reviewing my portfolio, you still have concerns about my work, it's likely that I'm not the ideal wedding videographer for your requirements. That being said, I do have Artistic Release in my contract - My Style is my style and my contract states that you have spent a satisfactory amount of time reviewing my work and you have a reasonable expectation that I will produce your video in a similar manner.  Click here to view my past work.

Q: How will you deliver my wedding video? 

A: All wedding couples receive a private link to their personal video galley. Your video gallery provides you with the option to watch your videos on any devise or download them to any device.  Additionally, you have several options for product delivery including: USB Thumb Drive, SD Card or DVD.  We can also host your wedding video on our YouTube Channel for you to share with your family and friends. 

Q: How far do you travel?

A: Anywhere in the "Universe" as long as travel and lodging expenses are paid by our client.
NOTE: There are no travel expenses for wedding within 50 miles of our home studio in Peckville, PA.
*Weddings between 50-100 miles 
require an additional $100 for travel expenses. 
*Wedding between 100-200 miles require an
additional $200 for travel expenses.
*Wedding beyond 200 miles are a considered a "Destination Wedding" and require additional fees are applicable, such as round-trip airfare, hotel stay for 3-4 days & 3-4 nights pending complexity, and car rentals from airport and back during the stay. All travel can be arranged by clients per specifications of Provider or arranged by Provider with agreement of payment invoiced.

Q: Can we receive the RAW footage? 

A: Sorry, I don't provide RAW footage. Why? Although Many videographers offer RAW footage and often charge extra for it...  honestly, it's just another way to make more money by upselling something you will never use or need.

Here's Why... 

1) RAW footage is filmed in a format (CODEC) called XAVC and cannot be viewed on      a smartphone or tablet without converting it using expensive editing software.

2) RAW footage needs to be conv
erted using video editing software to view it or share it anywhere online or on social media.

3) RAW footage is flat and uncolored in
order to preserve the details for post process editing.

4) RAW footage is hundreds of small clips shot on several different cameras totaling over 400Gig of video and audio data. It is very complicated and tiresome to navigate through and watch. You can’t just hit “Play”, sit back, and enjoy the show.

5) I value my reputation and respect my clients too much to sell them something that has absolutely no value to them. 

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